Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OK this is abnormal (3 blogs in 4 days), but things are flying at me right and left.

Our group just finished the book unChristian today. Frankly, I am embarrassed the was the next generation looks at Christians (judgmental, hypocritical, too political, sheltered, love with an agenda, etc.) . I understand, to some degree, I have had a part in fostering this image. That doesn't make me feel much better about the situation.

One of the most convicting pieces was a reference to Isaiah 58 where God talks about what He really wants to see in a fast. It is worth a good read and meditation.....

The thought that crossed my little brain as I was thinking about our reputation as Christians is "return on investment". The church has spent billions and billions of dollars over the past 20 or so years in ministry. What is our return on investment? A bad perspective of the title Christian, people staying away from church in droves and a reputation of Christ being "one of many" Saviors. OK, not a very good return on investment.

The question is - what am I going to do about it.............

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  1. Sam, Great Stuff! I've been following from the sidelines. My schedule has changed significantly and I have not been able to participate in the group. All my best to you and the guys. You'd be hard pressed to meet a more solid group of Christian men! This group and many more good groups like it are what keep this world moving... I see you bringing Christ to one another and building up and out into the greater community! Through our faith, actions and graces within our own groups, families and work environments, we can positively affect our environments. Where ever two or more are gathered...
    Keep plugging away Brothers!