Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am sitting in a hospital room in Orlando Florida. I like Florida, but I do not like it now. My mom is in the hospital. I just learned that she, unless there is a miracle, will not walk again and may never move her arms and may even need a ventilator to help her breathe. Four weeks ago, she was healthy. Four weeks ago she was golfing. One surgery and an infection later, we find her in a desperate state.

It is times like this when I don't really understand life and God. My mom is a saint and I have rarely, if ever, heard her speak a disparaging word about anyone. It just doesn't feel fair that this happened to her - that sin in the world would take its toll on her body like this.

Life is hard, sin really stinks, God is good. I am not sure right now how God is good, but I know that He is. My soul is aching now - seeing the effects of sin on my mom.

I really cannot fathom how God deals with all the pain caused by sin in the world. He experiences it all the time; simultaneously all the effects of sin are seen and felt by Him. I guess that is why He is God - He can handle it. I can barely handle one event - that is another reason why I am not God.

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