Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going away from foundations for this one..... Went to a funeral today. The father of my best friend growing up passed away of brain cancer. As I sat in the memorial service, it struck me that this man lived an incredible life.

He did not do anything fantastic, he was not famous, he was not a powerful man. He was a faithful man, he was a man that cared for people, he was a truthful man, he was a man of integrity, he was a hard working man, he was a helpful man. In the midst of a "I am going to abandoned my mate when things get hard", a "I am going to take care of myself", a "I have to be significant in the eyes of men" world, this man stood out as a faith filled, God fearing man who lived out his faith in practical ways. He was not Billy Graham, he was not a seminary grad, he did not work at a church - he was man of practical faith; one who lived out his beliefs on a day to day basis with everyone he came in contact with. I could go on, but I am hoping you are catching my drift......

When he met God face to face, I am sure he heard the words that drive me at the core of my being: "well done". Well done, Bob. Well done. Thanks for a life that illustrated what a life of faith looks like.

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  1. Well said Sam, The same could be said about the man who lived 3 houses away when I was growing up.