Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thought that what I sent to my dad would be a good post....Sorry it is kind of long.

On the occasion of Father’s Day 2010


Sorry that I didn’t get a card. I have developed this habit of writing my heart instead of trying to buy a card and then writing it by hand in the card!

I have probably said this before, but I want to repeat it because it is more true know than ever – I am so grateful for the testimony of fatherhood that you have set for me throughout the years. You got up every day, went to work, provided for the family, disciplined us, drove many, many miles to your job instead of moving us and loved mom.

My standard of being a dad has been you and how you fathered me. I know that I have made mistakes; I know that you made mistakes. But I always knew that you loved us and were serving us. I just need to say thank you once again for loving me and setting an example for me.

I was reviewing and thinking about the stories that you and mom were telling as you reviewed the places that you lived. Living near your parents and helping them, living near mom’s grandmother and helping her, buying the farm for your folks – you have lived a lifestyle of service to your parents; a lifestyle that has obediently honored them and who they are. I know that this was pleasing to God and was an incredible example to me. I know that, even though I did not know all of this until recently, the fact that we have built our house the way we did, the fact that our hearts are for caring for those around us and our family is a direct reflection of the example that you set for us. The fact that you are caring for mom the way you are is no surprise to me – it is ingrained in your character to care and serve.

Thank you dad for all that you have done for me and all that you are. That you for setting an incredible example of service motivated from a heart of love. Thank you for showing what true love is – not an emotion, but a dedication to put the needs of others on the same plane as your needs.

I love you dad and thanks.



  1. Very nice letter to your dad. I wrote my dad a letter about a year ago after reading a book titled, "Fathers and Sons." One of the recommendations was to reflect on the good things and the bad things dad had done/been throughout the years. Then it recommended writing a letter about the good things as a means of encouraging him.

    I hand-wrote the letter and mailed it to him. My mom told me about a week later that dad was nearly in tears as he read it, and told her "here, read this letter from Mike."

    It broke my heart when she told me dad's reaction: "I thought I was such a failure as a dad. I didn't know I had this impact on him."

    I'm sure that letter had a tremendous impact on your father. Good job.

    (PS, I found your blog thru the church website. I live in Brooklyn, but have a friend who attends ABC. I'll stop by regularly.)

  2. Mike, thanks for the comment. Wonderful story.

    Hope to meet you some day!