Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We left last Friday evening for Florida for our annual spring break vacation. We spend the first days with someone on the Gulf side of Florida, move to the middle of Florida to spend some time with my mom and dad, and then move to the Atlantic side of Florida - living out of a suitcase at it finest!!!!

We arrived yesterday at my folks place with the intention of spending today packing them up so they can take the trek home. That will start in a couple of hours.

The parents of one of my co-workers live in the same park as my mom and dad. My dad asked if I wanted to meet and talk with them and before I knew it, my wife and I were on our way to their place a few blocks away. We sat and chit-chatted with them, talking about various things. A couple of things that struck me in our conversation was how these folks lauded my dad for his work with my mom. They also praised my mom's attitude through the midst of her trials and paralysis. The woman, who was facing back surgery, said "I need to be more like your mom"; referring to keeping a God centered perspective on life and pain. They also talked about the many people who look at my mom and dad as an inspiration.

I wept inside as God opened a bit of a window to show me, once again, how He redeems the crappy things of life, the things wrought of sin, to bring good into this planet. I know that He is at work and is more powerful that our adversary the devil!!!!

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