Thursday, January 21, 2010

Foundational Principle #2 God is good all the time.

This principle is particularly hard to believe sometimes. Sometimes I let my circumstances and my distorted, me centered, earth bound view of them dictate whether I believe this principle or not. When my mom contracted MRSA, when my kids grades are what they should be, when my job is not going the way I want it to; I have a hard time believing that God is good. When the sin that is in the world rocks my world - it is hard to believe that God is good (the old question why do bad things happen to good people question).

Interesting thing to note: God's goodness does not depend on on whether I believe it or not. He is good. Period. He is always working for my good. He has promised that whatever comes my way He will bring good from it (Rom. 8:28; Psalm 145:9). In understanding this, I find hope in the midst of any life circumstance. In truly believing this, I rest that the God of the universe is for me.

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