Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I know that I am in a dry period in my life when I have nothing to say; when nothing is moving or over flowing from my heart.

This is one of those periods.......

I define dry periods as when I am not personally experiencing fullness of life, which results in the overflow of life to others. It is not that I have nothing to say (because i like to talk!), it is that I have nothing meaningful to say; nothing that comes deep from my heart as an overflow of what I am learning from God. I feel robotic - going through the motions of life; more of a survival mode than a living mode. The dry periods cause me to be emotionally "monotone" - no real ups, no real downs, just -----------.

It is during these time I really don't want to talk to people - not because I don't like them, but because i believe that I have nothing that will actually minister to them.

Before I depress you too much, I know what I need to do. David, the greatest King of Israel, went through these times (read some of his song lyrics in the Psalms). Jeremiah has the title of "the weeping prophet" and recorded a portion of this life in a book called "Lamentations" (not a "upper" book).

It is times like these when I have to plug back into the true power source; when I have to spend some time being and not doing (which is hard for a type A person); where I have to be still and listen for the voice of God through his Word, through the outflow of others people's hearts (songs and readings) and simply to allow the Spirit to minister to my spirit.

People say that ministry is hard - taxing on the spirit because your job is to constantly give yourself away to others. In reality, this is true for every believer.

When you find yourself dry, reconnect with God on a heart level (not just a mind level), weep over the things that Jesus weeps over, rejoice over the things that Jesus rejoices over and be still and listen.

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