Sunday, March 18, 2012

I say this every time I have a gap in my blog - it has been a while and I have not taken the time to write.  In reality, I guess that I have had nothing to say of any value.  (Of course one could argue that I never have any thing valuable to say!)

I have had a fascination with war - not the carnage and killing - that would be morbid - but the fact that humans can be so evil and so inhumane.  And frankly, human stupidity.

For example, in World War II the conquer of France by Germany was not by direct frontal attack through the fortified Siegfried line which was along the France-German border, but through Belgium; around the Siegfried line.  Guess what plan had been proposed by a German general in World War I?  Guess what strategy the Germans used in World War I to avoid the French forts along the France-German border?  You guessed it - they attacked through Belgium.

I look at this and ask myself - how can people be so incredibly stupid?  How can the brightest military minds spend millions and millions of dollars to establish fortifications along a line that 30 years before had simply been bypassed?  Seriously?  Did they not see this coming?  Did they not understand the strategic deficiency of not protecting the France-Belgium border? 

What is it about the human condition that causes our minds to bypass things like this?  It is arrogance?  Is it complacency or laziness of mind?  It is simple ignorance?  It is a failure to believe that the past can and will repeat itself?

Whatever it is, it is dangerous human trait.  The Bible speaks of our enemy being smart.  He is seeking to devour us and he will use whatever means he deems necessary to gain victory.  It is our charge to be wise to his schemes.  It is necessary that we not become complacent or routine in our lives so as to give the enemy an opening.  If he has used a scheme in the past and found success - guess what - he will probably use it again.  Be diligent, but wise, be looking for subtle attacks of the evil one.  Don't let him repeat his old attacks on you!

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