Thursday, July 09, 2009

I was helping move my mom to Mary Free Bed this AM and there was a steady stream of nurses and physical therapists that came in to say goodbye. They all wanted to keep in contact with her and know where she is at in her recovery process (impact #1). One gal commented that it was the bright spot of her day when mom went to PT (impact #2). Her nurse and her had a good cry just before they wheeled mom out of the room; their friendship had made a mutual impact on their emotions and lives (impact #3). The ambulance guy commented as he observing all this “wow, she must be a favorite around here” (impact #4).

It is sometimes hard to understand how God is going to redeem this situation. I often under my breath murmur the word “unfair”. But through the eyes of faith I believe that God is at work, God will redeem and that in some way He will heal this planet because of the testimony and faithfulness of my mom and dad. It really stinks to have to go through this and it makes me long for heaven and God’s fullness even more, but I know that in the midst of a sin-cursed world, the light of God is shining in people’s hearts because of the light of God in my mom and dad’s eyes. They have chosen to believe and trust; they have chosen not to become bitter and angry.

I know that this goes without saying, but keep praying for both mom and dad (those who have journeyed with me through this). Your prayers are aiding them in keeping the faith and in being a testimony to those around her that see her every day. Thanks for being a part of their life and bearing this burden with our family. Only God knows the shear volume of tears, the prayers and the groanings that have been given up for mom and dad. I know that He hears us and I know that He is moved.


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