Monday, July 27, 2009

OK, I am spoiled; spoiled rotten. I am not saying this from a positive or "cute" perspective; this is a real negative on my character; something that has shamed me as God has put me in the middle of a situation.

I was talking to a friend in Vinnitsya, Ukraine. She was making $300 a month working for the city government as Director of International Affairs (a typical for an employee in Ukraine). She was told by her boss that she could make more money by accepting "favors" from people (basically bribes). As a Christian, she told him that she could not accept bribes because it was not right (which did not go over well with her fellow employees). Because of the poor world economy, her wages recently cut in half......

Here it becomes complicated. She has been living in a "flat" (apartment) that she had to move out of (a LONG story...). She has been searching for months to find one, but has not been able to find one that she can afford. Apartments are kind of hard to find - well, really impossible to find. We have been praying for her and she finally found one!

What she found is an apartment that will probably fit in 1/4 to 1/2 of most of our houses or apartments. Things are small and cramped and everything is on top of everything. Hard to find; hard to live in from my perspective - she was ECSTATIC about finding somewhere she could live; praising God for what He had supplied. She kept repeating over and over again how good God was to her.

This is where I was shamed. I was rejoicing with her, but wondered what I would do if I had to move into something like this: probably not be very happy. I realized that I am spoiled with the goodness that God has blessed me with. It also is challenging me to look at the things that I am doing and determine what I REALLY need, what I want and where I am just plain spoiled. I am asking God to help me re-orientate my thoughts and life to move me away from being spoiled to using the resources He has given me to further His kingdom. Ask yourself this question and evaluate how God would have you change your life habits. Put yourself in situations where you can rub shoulders with people like my friend who is praising God in the midst of her situation (it really puts life in perspective).

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