Monday, July 06, 2009

This one will be a bit on the theoretical side, but it has been rattling around in my head so here goes.....

I am constantly struggling with living a missional life - keeping in front of me the reason for my existence; fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave us just before He physically left this planet (go and make disciples). I have come to believe that I am so influenced by my history that I operate within a set of church cultural norms instead of really being able to listen to the Spirit about what methods and means I should use to accomplish this mission.

Now don't get excited; I am not going to suggest something wild and crazy doctrinal position that defies the logic and principles of the scripture. By most accords, I am, and will stay, doctrinally conservative. However, means and methods are not doctrines. I believe that it is what I am challenged with. The means and methods that we use seem to be bound in history (because the examples in scriptures are varied and commands are not specifically about the methods).

History is not bad; it informs us of the future. However, the purpose in what we are doing has to be more than just "this is what we have been doing for years". All of these means and methods have had their place in history. They were started with Godly direction and purposes. Somewhere along the line it seems that the principle behind the method have been lost and the practices have been maintained as a matter of course.

What if we started with a clean white board and asked the question - "What methods do we need to employ to create more and better disciples in today's culture?" I don't know if we are afraid to do this because we are afraid of the answers or we simply have not thought in this vein before. My challenge is to think through this and let the Spirit guide me.

PS There are current movements that are interested in re-establishing house churches. Not a bad thing, but it seems to me that it still misses the point. it is a return to another method, not a return to principles of obedience to the charge Jesus gave us (this is not true in all cases for sure, but it seems like there are elements of this movement that are simply looking to recapture a small church look and feel and still are not asking the foundational question).

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  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I just heard someone say that "Sacred cows make the best burgers." Made me laugh pretty hard.

    Seriously though, these are really important questions.