Thursday, May 21, 2009

We are preparing for our big Memorial Day weekend of putting down mulch around our landscaped areas. There are several things we have to do to prep for this, the first of which is to weed the beds. As I was popping and pulling weeds the other day I noticed something: the weeds were growing faster than the plants. When the creeping rose, day lillys, purple cones, shasta daisies and all the other annuals that we have planted were just starting to poke out of the ground, the wild mustard, dandelions, mint weed (??) and other weeds were in full growth mode; choking out the annuals. If I am not diligent in removing the weeds, they will over take the annuals. I have to pull them, cut off their supply of sun with mulch, strengthen the good plants with water and fertilizer, maybe even spray weed kill. (Of course I was lamenting the curse of Adam and Eve while I am pulling them.....)

As I was pulling weeds, I realized something about the weeds in my life (a metaphor for the sins that plague me or that I struggle with). They grow fast; much faster than the "goodness" that I desire to be manifested in me. Just like I have to be diligent in removing weeds from my annuals, I must be diligent in removing weeds from my life. They will not naturally go away. They will not die and let the good plants grow. They will multiply; they will choke out the good that God wants to see in me.

The lesson for me: stay at it; keep pulling the weeds out of your life. Join me in pulling weeds!!!

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