Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ten weeks today. It was 10 weeks ago today that my mom started her journey into trying out every machine the medical community has, and my dad has been with her every step of the way: hour after hour, day after day, week after week.

This is my dad's typical day. Wake up; eat breakfast; drive to the hospital; stay there all day (except if my brother takes him out for lunch); drive home at night; get something to eat; go to bed. The days are sometimes broken up by a dentist appointment or having to mow the lawn, but he spends hours and hours of time with mom. He has not missed a single day of being with her.

The day this happened to my mom, my dad's world changed from winters in Florida and working part time in the summer to one job - caring for his wife. It takes a big man and a loving husband to abandon whatever his plans are/were to care for his wife. To look forward and see a "bleak" (from a worldly perspective) future, to see all his plans changed, and yet in the midst of this to serve a woman day after day, week after week who cannot serve him - that is the stuff that real men are made of.

You are my example dad; you are my hero.

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